The potty-mouthed, rebellious wives of Jamestown are not fake history women | Rebecca Rideal

Are female characters who defy sexual submission inauthentic for 17th-century Virginia? If anything, history suggests, the writers toned down the filth factor“I will not marry your brother so that he can crush the soul out of me!” asserts Alice, the heroine of Jamestown, Sky’s new period drama. Set in 1619, the story follows the lives of three women whose passage to Virginia is paid by English settlers wishing to take them for wives. Over the course of the first episode, one of the women is raped, another publicly wallops her intended husband, and the third schemes behind her fiance’s back. The language the women use is coarse (“dog’s arse”, “shit pants halfwit”, “whore”) and empowered: “A man will hang for raping a woman!” Related: Not in this day and age: when will TV stop horrendously airbrushing history? Continue reading…


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