Scientists in 1932: Carbon Dioxide Heats The Earth

Chris Tackett
Science / Climate Change
October 16, 2013

Public Domain Dr. E. O. Hulburt

This isn’t news to most of us, but this tweet from @HistoryInPix is a good reminder of how uncontroversial basic physics about climate change once was.
The tweet shows a clipping from a 1932 newspaper about the role smokestacks played in released carbon dioxide, which warmed the atmosphere.
It reads:
Carbon Dioxide Heats the Earth
DR. E. O. HULBURT, physicist of the naval research laboratory, Washington, has found conclusive mathematical evidence that the earth’s temperature is being warmed by the increased amount of carbon dioxide present in the air. Smoke stacks emit huge volumes of this gas, which is also found in the breath and waste products of humans and animals.

For a similar blast from the past, check out this 1958 video on climate change produced by Frank Capra.

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